“This book is more than just a romance, it has REAL people that you actually know and can relate to, with real problems you may have experienced yourself. I highly recommend this book and can't wait for her next one."



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Like many authors, I've been writing stories practically ever since I learned the alphabet! These (probably awful) stories usually consisted of me, my sisters, and the neighborhood gang (especially Jamie -- you know who you are!) solving mysteries. Goofy mysteries, like "the mystery in the old silo," or "Skull Mansion."These oddities were usually stapled together and illustrated so they'd kinda-sorta look like real books...a thrill, for me!

I've no idea where the ideas for those stories came from. All I can say is that growing up in the country in such a magically goofy Midwestern neighborhood was all the inspiration needed.

At some point in my teens, however, the stories grew larger. Book-size. Big people stories! At least I thought so then. Ms. Johnson, my senior English teacher, was one of the first who was deranged enough to think I might actually have a nugget of talent. She allowed me to use my senior year as an "independent study" to finish my first full-size novel, Fallen Stars. Later, it was renamed to As Long As the Grass Shall Grow.

And -- as long as the grass shall grow -- that particular novel will probably remain entombed until the end of days in the bottom of a dusty drawer.

Still, it was a great exercise in discipline. To this day, the characters in that bittersweet novel about a high school girl falling in love with a Native American boy named David Whitecloud, seem real to me.

Over the years I've managed to complete quite a few novels. Some salvageable, some not. I love to write...I love to "make up" people and mess with their lives. And fix their lives -- or not. Probably a control issue I have. (Yeah, it's definitely a control issue.) So, I plan to keep writing, pen in hand! I'm also one of those peculiar people who cannot compose a story from scratch on a keyboard. Seems too much like work, like a chore. I need the connection between mind, hand, pen, and paper. (Of course, I then have to pay my fine typesetter of several years, Laura...to actually translate my penmanship and get those stories on the computer!) Incidentally, Laura is also the one who designed this wonderful website for me! Kudos, Laura.

When not writing, I work as a graphic artist. (I actually have to pay the bills.) Between that, and spending time with my family and training my ball-obsessed German shepherd -- I love to antique hunt. I've loved it ever since picking up a scruffy -- but cool -- $5.00 chair at a garage sale when I was about 16. (And later, learning it was quite possibly an original English Hepplewhite armchair worth $1,500!) Alas, I was hooked.

Just not hooked enough to get rich on it.

I sniff Play-Doh when I'm stressed. I guess the smell of childhood comforts me.

I also love just about any pickle there is -- but I'm getting tired of "Mark's" deli dills!

I despise tomatoes. They give me hives.

I have a freaky finger. (Long story.)

I'm not afraid of lizards. Or bugs. (Just worms -- they have no eyes.)

I like to pretend I can open electronic supermarket doors with the power of my will.

Favorite Book: Nonfiction - Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. (Wish I could have met that man -- as well as the man the book is about.)

Fiction - Boy's Life by Robert McGammon. (McGammon usually writes horror, but Boy's Life has to be the most charmingly magical story about a boy and his friends I've ever read.)

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz. (Yup! Silly and profound, all at once.)

Favorite Song: "Forever Autumn" by the Moody Blues. (It's haunting.)

Favorite Food That Isn't Pickles: Chunky candy bars. The name brand!

Favorite Color: Green. In all its hues!

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