“This book is more than just a romance, it has REAL people that you actually know and can relate to, with real problems you may have experienced yourself. I highly recommend this book and can't wait for her next one."



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If you've finished a full-length novel, congratulations! Now:

  • Edit, edit, edit. This is a first draft, and first drafts, by any author, are usually rough. Actually, really rough. Crummy. Give the manuscript to people you trust for an honest opinion, not those who will say it's completely wonderful. (They probably owe you money.)

  • Develop a mastodon hide. Constructive criticism is your friend -- especially from other writers. It's a good idea to join a writer's group, either in real life, online, or both. (There will be those who don't like anything anyone writes except their own words, you'll figure them out.) But another trusted writer's opinion -- especially if backed up by others -- is golden.

  • Never think your writing is the best it can ever be. Writing is a talent that can be, and should be, developed and improved as long as you live. Just like any talent. Even bowling.

  • Learn how to write a great query letter before approaching agents or editors. (Most large publishers will not even consider looking at a manuscript by an unpublished author without an agent.) Do all the research you possibly can to prove you are not a clueless newbie, even if you are one.

  • Network with others to get your name out there. You can find them through writer's blogs, those who respond to agent or editor's blogs, and so on. Always try to be kind, for obvious reasons.

  • Write, write, write! And read. And read books on writing. One book in particular I recommend is 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published And 14 Why It Just Might by Pat Walsh. (I know, it sounds discouraging, but it's really great info!)

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